Amanda Helm

Amanda Helm. I am 20 years old and I am a Social Work.

I told myself I would never quiet my heart for anyone who was convinced they loved me. I am not too loud for you. I am not too rough for you.

there is no easy way to say this:
we collided like fist to drywall,
but we both ended up bruised.

there’s a hole in your stomach and swelling
on my knuckles.

they said love was beautiful,
but they forgot to say
that it was broken too

Amanda Helm, Drywall Memories (via theflowersinmyheart)

(via theflowersinmyheart)

I’ve got a few poems in the works.


I decided to put on a dress and some lipstick and smile a lot so hello pt. 1

I think I was meant to break your heart
and be broken by your absence.

— by amandaspoetry (via meinherzistbeidir)

give me five or six random words - they can be anything. They can be feelings, adjectives, adverbs, names, places, the coolest word you know - anything - I’m experimenting with things and need your help!


It is interesting what can change in a minute.

Amanda Helm


One day I’m going to go to my high school reunion and I’m gonna be like, “what up I’ve got a poetry book out and a whole bunch of people who love my writing.” And it’ll be neat


Your ribs are a prison and your heart escaped long ago and I know this is just another silly metaphor for emptiness but I loved you and you weren’t even there

You are so incredibly gifted. Thank you for your words and the clarity they provide.

Thank you so much for this super sweet message!! I really appreciate it, little mountain!!!

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